Transform the sector 2017 series

This series of reports provides an overview of the key topics covered at Transform the Sector 2017


Unlocking Administrative Data

Maximizing the Impact of the Social Sector

This report provides an overview of how the social sector can access and use administrative data.


The Capacity for Data

How the Social Sector Can Build Data-Informed Organizations

This report outlines how social sector organizations can become data-informed. 


Doing Data Ethically

How the Social Sector Can Use Data Ethically and Safely

This report focuses on how digital data practices in the social sector can be done ethically.

Opening for Impact

How funders can leverage their data

This report covers how funders are opening up to
increase their impact. 


Transform the sector 2017 conference report

The Conference Report summarizes Transform the Sector 2017.


Transform the Sector 2017

Conference Report

This report details the key takeaways and themes of Transform the Sector 2017.


Reflections on equity and inclusion series 

These reports outline Powered by Data's work in partnership with the Carold Institute to ensure that typically excluded and/or marginalized perspectives were included in Transform the Sector 2017. The series consists of a Summary Report and a Process Report.  

Equity and Inclusion - Summary - COVER.jpg

Transforming Transform the Sector

Reflections on Equity and Inclusion at a National Conference - Summary Report

The Summary Report outlines high-level decisions and learnings from the perspective of Powered by Data with a focus on costs and benefits for the organization. It will be most useful for leaders who may be considering an investment in equity and inclusion for the first time.

Equity and Inclusion Report - Process - COVER.jpg

Transforming Transform the Sector 

Reflections on Equity and Inclusion at a National Conference - Process Report

The Process Report shares more information on the process and considerations behind each action taken, and includes more feedback from participants and other stakeholders.  It will be most useful for event organizers who may already be familiar with equity and inclusion work, and are interested in building on the learnings from our experience.