Call-out for short term communications contract

Earlier this year, Powered by Data hosted Canada’s first national conference on the digital data needs of the social sector.  Transform the Sector brought together 300+ people from across the country and around the world, and generated new insights on shared opportunities and challenges in this area.


Following several months of reflection and consultation, we’ve developed a new framework for understanding our role in enabling evidence-based social impact. We’ve also identified a number of high-potential interventions that have the potential to be game-changers for the social sector, dramatically increasing our capacity to accelerate social change through ethical and effective sharing of government administrative data

We see enormous opportunities for this kind of data sharing to improve our understanding of social problems, enhance service delivery, and revolutionize impact evaluation.  That being said, sharing data at this scale raises ethical questions that must be explored with direct participation of the communities that will be most directly impacted.

Over the next several months, we will be convening funders, service providers, and beneficiary advocate groups to explore the potential - as well as the risks - of sharing data in these ways.  We will host three stakeholder-specific group consultations, before bringing together representatives from each group in a cross-stakeholder roundtable.  

We are looking to hire a communications specialist on short-term contract, to help create briefing materials for these three stakeholder groups.  This contract would involve writing approximately 10 pages of text over the next two months, in collaboration with our staff.  The right candidate will have experience writing about complex issues to make them accessible and engaging for diverse audiences. They will also have demonstrated capacity to deliver high-quality work on tight deadlines - and be available to start as soon as possible.

If you’re interested, please write to us with some thoughts on how you would approach this work, and what you think you would need (time, support, resources) to deliver an outstanding final product.  We are looking to work with an experienced professional, and have budgeted $50/hr for this project - but could go above this rate for the right proposal.  Before making a decision, we will also ask candidates for a CV, references, and samples of previous work.

Questions?  Want to apply?  Get in touch: hr@poweredbydata.org